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towards a tech-smart treasury
Building Community Together
towards a tech-smart treasury
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Unpacking the DNA of a successful treasurer
In the aftermath of the financial crisis, as banks’ appetite to lend waned and businesses prioritised cashflow, corporate treasury teams were thrust into the spotlight. Since 2008, the role of the corporate treasurer has evolved, moving from diligent back-office function to more of a strategic advisor to the board. Today’s corporate treasurers have a much broader remit, with the onslaught of regulations like Basel III, Dodd-Frank, MiFID II and the International Accounting Standards confirming their critical role in ensuring the survival and success of a business. To sustain this advisory relationship with senior stakeholders and further develop as a strategic lead in the global business landscape, corporate treasurers must understand the vital skills and relevant experiences that will not only help propel their careers but differentiate them from others in the market. In this ground-breaking report, Refinitiv has identified key trends in how corporate demands have shaped the skillsets, desired experience and typical profiles of the modern corporate treasurer. The research incorporated the views of 250 chief financial officers (CFOs), heads of finance and recruitment professionals across five continents, in businesses ranging in size from fewer than 100 employees to more than 5,000. This report takes a deeper dive into the research, unpacking the DNA of the successful treasurer, now and in the future. Read more

Blue Sky to Spark Your Imagination,
Dr. James LEI, Acting Director, Intelligent Software & System, ASTRI Read more

Digital Payment Trends
In the past decades, digitisation is not just reshaping the day-to-day operations of treasury and the way it interacts with financial markets but, more importantly, changing the core of how businesses interact with their customers and suppliers. The payments landscape is changing fast and most of these changes are driven by today’s tech-savvy consumers, who expect their payment options to be swift, efficient, low cost, intuitive and internationally compatible. As a result, cash as a primary mode of payment has been declining. A strong wave of central bank initiatives such as the roll-out of instant payment infrastructures and focus on fintech developments in major key markets have also been one of the key drivers for rapid evolution in the digital payment space. Read more

Defense of the cyberrealm: How organizations can thwart cyberattacks
Governments and companies have much work to do to protect people, institutions, and even entire cities and countries from potentially devastating large-scale cyberattacks. In this episode of the McKinsey Podcast, Simon London speaks with McKinsey senior partner David Chinn and cybersecurity expert Robert Hannigan, formerly the head of GCHQ,1 about how to address the major gaps and vulnerabilities in the global cybersecurity landscape. Listen to podcast Read more

We are now Refinitiv, formerly the Financial and Risk business of Thomson Reuters. We’ve set a bold course for the future – both ours and yours – and are introducing our new brand to the world. As our brand migration will be gradual, you will see traces of our past through documentation, videos and digital platforms. Thank you for joining us on our brand journey. Read more

What is next in corporate banking?
BCG recently opined that corporates want an Amazon like experience from their bankers. What might this mean? And are banks best placed to deliver? Read more

The Treasury of Tomorrow
Welcome to our new team members – the robots

While technology brings tremendous benefits in terms of innovation and productivity, it also causes concern on whether the digital workforce will cannibalize the human staff. According to a World Economic Forum Report, over the period 2015-2020, a total of 7.1 million jobs will be lost. Read more

A Turning of the Technology Tide
Recent conferences show signs of a healthy shift from technology hype to pragmatic solution focus. Blockchain hype is giving way to practical implementation. Terminator style AI is giving way to more modest but still world changing machine learning (ML). Fast payments and open banking are spawning bank connectivity APIs but standards are conspicuously missing. Read more

Payments innovation for financial inclusion
Financial inclusion enables and empowers people and communities, and can help drive economic growth by bridging economic opportunities and outcomes. Increasing financial inclusion for individuals and small businesses is an objective for policymakers, governments, banks and corporations alike. Payment innovations such as mobile money solutions have proved a catalyst for greater financial inclusion over recent years, but there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution, and challenges and complexities remain. Continued progress in mobile money, and by extension financial inclusion, requires greater cooperation on multiple fronts, involving governments, regulators, telecoms, banks and fintechs. Read more

Virtual Accounts: Real-life benefits in real-time
Proliferation of bank accounts, unreconciled suspense entries and fragmented liquidity are challenges for both domestic and international corporations. Virtual accounts, connected with automated liquidity management structures, provide a scalable way for treasurers to automate processes, rationalise bank accounts and simplify liquidity management. This becomes increasingly important as cash and liquidity management is increasing conducted in real-time. Read more

Risk Management Need Not Be Expensive: 8 Tips for Treasurers
Risk is a necessary evil that treasury and finance executives have to deal with in today’s complex and highly-integrated world. Generally speaking, risk can be categorized into two types: Type I risk describes the likelihood that a company will suffer losses as a result of pursuing a financial reward—business risk. Type II risk describes the likelihood that a company will suffer losses as a result of not taking sufficient actions to mitigate the impact of unfavourable events—country risk, FX risk, bank failure, etc. In this article, we will look into some practical actions that treasury and finance executives can take to protect their company against the impact of Type II risk without breaking the bank. Read more

FinTech – The Disruptive Technology Coming to Treasury
The financial services industry is encountering an unprecedented challenge from a technology revolution brought by a global army of financial technology (FinTech) companies, many of which are startups with their strength not in size and capital, but in innovation and speed of execution. Several international organisations, including the World Economic Forum and IMF, are optimistic on the prospect and the potential benefits of the latest technology. Read more

Standard Chartered as Your Strategic Treasury Partner
China opening, supply chain re-alignment and the New Economy have opened up opportunities and also challenges for CFOs and treasurers to adopt a more strategic role to plan for and respond to a changing business model and put in place a high performing function to navigate the turbulent financial market. Increasingly regional treasury centres (RTCs) are being set up and transformed into an In-House Bank within an efficient tax and account structure to achieve advantage in scale, control and agility in financing and global liquidity management. With the advent of fintech and changes in cost dynamics, finance shared service centres are being re-modelled. Our Treasury Advisory and Reengineering Team is well positioned to be your Strategic Treasury Partner. Read more

Options for Your Cash Portfolio
As regulatory reform has been implemented in the US and is being rolled out in Europe, investors must now evaluate their cash investments. With tailored products and services in money market and short duration strategies, we offer the insight you need to make better-informed decisions in your liquidity portfolios. Our wide range of products enables us to offer targeted potential solutions from a strong team of portfolio managers, combining global market intelligence with independent risk analysis, research and quality control. Read more

Everyday Blockchain: As simple as possible
When it comes to the enormous power and sophistication of blockchain technology, our inboxes are bombarded daily by dozens of articles filled with buzzwords but short on information. None of them really explain how the technology works. You don't need to be a mathematician (although I highly recommend it!) to acquire a solid grasp of the fundamental concepts. It is important to have a basic working knowledge so you can add value when the time comes to explore implementation of this mysterious new technology. Read more

Optimising Cash & Liquidity Management for Corporate Treasurers
An award-wining digital platform for cash management optimisation Read more

Driving innovation and simplicity in currency management
The concept of managing foreign currencies is intimidating to many corporations, with a widespread belief that it requires sophisticated skills, techniques and technology. As organisations, and their treasury functions, expand, they often introduce a dedicated FX function with specific competencies. However, currency management does not need to be difficult, or the domain of specialists. With emerging solutions designed specifically to handle multiple currencies, treasurers can now deliver significant efficiencies and cost savings, and manage currency exposures, in a much simpler way than in the past. Read more

Shaping a new era in digital banking
Every year, we hear numerous examples of how digital technology is inspiring new working practices, sales channels, distribution models and indeed the products and services on which corporations base their success. However, transforming new technologies into sustainable revenue streams and efficient business models requires a digital, innovative approach. Pioneering financial services providers together with both new and established technology companies are now working closely with clients to facilitate, and to some extent help to drive their clients' digital agenda. Read more

Robotics & AI
  • Finance & Operations, EY Greater China Advisory
  • Drive growth, operation excellence and margin improvement
  • Operating model design with technology enablement
Read more

How can you adapt to your customers’ changing digital needs?
Diversity in the digital household Households are enjoying unprecedented levels of connectivity, transforming their social and home lives as well as their viewing and working habits. This is driving major changes in what they consume and how they do so. But doubts also exist as many seek digital downtime, stick with the familiar and worry about trust and privacy. In this complex world, one thing is clear: today’s consumer will not be satisfied by a one-size-fits-all service. EY’s consumer research details these changes in consumer sentiment, providing a platform for TMT companies to create better customer experiences Read more

Confront your cyber threats
Nowadays, all organizations are digital by default. Not every organization delivers its products and services primarily through digital channels, but all operate with the cultures, technology and processes of the internet era. Moreover, in the connected and convergent world delivered by the Internet of Things (IoT), the digital landscape is vast, with every asset owned or used by the organization representing another node in the network. Read more

Putting artificial intelligence (AI) to work
Innovation matters: insights on the latest disruptive technologies

Has AI lived up to its billing so far? In some cases, there is too much hype, but paradoxically, the potential opportunities and benefits of AI are still, if anything, under-hyped. Often, the impact of new technologies is overestimated in the short term and underestimated in the long term, and while there is a lot of noise regarding AI, there’s been a lack of in-depth discussion and analysis of how it’s actually going to transform businesses. Read more

A new light on cash management
Digitalisation is having a profound effect on the way we communicate, commute and consume services, including banking services. In today’s digital world, the question for a bank is not whether to create a digital solution and service offering, which clients expect. Instead, the issue is how to leverage digital channels and capabilities to transform and enrich the client experience, provide new perspectives into treasury challenges and opportunities, and take a multi-faceted approach to exploring potential solutions. This is at the heart of our strategy at DBS, and the inspiration behind the development of our innovative dynamic digital solutioning and advisory platform, DBS Treasury Prism. Read more

Visualizing the potential impact of AI and advanced analytics
Visualizing the potential impact of AI and advanced analytics Our interactive data visualization shows the potential value created by artificial intelligence and advanced analytics techniques for 19 industries and nine business functions. Read more