Building Community Together
towards a tech-smart treasury
Building Community Together
towards a tech-smart treasury

Building community together…

ATC is a free membership community that engages with aligned market participants in the corporate treasury and finance space in the Asia Pacific region and with growing interest from the United States, United Kingdom, Europe and the Middle East. ATC collaborates with regulators, treasury and financial markets associations and global expert partners. ATC is guided by a panel of Corporate Leaders with the aim to share a vision in pursuing innovation, best practice and compliance.

ATC via and ATC Post provides a single communications platform:
  • Enabling a valuable knowledge resource, forums and training in partnership with peak professional bodies
  • Linking into the experience and expertise of our
    • Corporate Leaders and practising CFOs, treasury and finance executives
    • Subject Leaders in the global banking, technology and advisory industries
  • Tapping into the dynamism of rising Fintechs
  • Bringing together a collective vision to build community and shape the new world of treasury